• 2 members led by -JU NK-
    For the people in Illinois to get to know and check out their neighbor cosplayers Progress, Make friends, See what cons are coming up in the area.
  • 6 members led by YunaAngelz Cosplay
    Disney Lovers & Cosplayers getting together for the sake of the Disney World.
    Talking about any Upcoming plans for Disney Cosplayers that we might have in mind in doing for the future or even the past one's we still have.
    Trying to get together for thos...  more
  • 2 members led by Toku Saizo
    Anyone who Cosplays Tokusatsu! we want you! more power rangers sentai and kamen riders!
  • 9 members led by Dante Lyra
    Fma fans and cosplays welcome
  • 8 members led by Patrick England
    Another home and refugee to Anime Geeks and nerds alike!
    Feeling down? Come around and we'll give our best to cheer you up again! Positive thought 'can' make some difference!
  • 10 members led by lucy jones
    This is a group for all fans of DC to come together and share their cosplays :)
  • 4 members led by William Cosplay
    Are you a cosplayer that lives in NJ or PA then you should join this group!
  • 170 members led by Amanda Izzywife
    Nothing is better the a good love store! This is for all the romances anime fans out there!!
  • 4 members led by Brandon -
    A group for Cosplayers (or enjoyers of cosplay) who are Christians. Share your love of cosplay and your love of Christ! All are welcome to join!
    As with the cosplay community, this group is for love and acceptance.
  • 11 members led by Momo (Tatiana)
    Love your Ink and your Cosplay! :D
    I know I get a lot of weird or confused looks just because I'm a tatted chick that goes to cons and dresses up as little anime girls lol This group is for people who are comfortable to jump out of the inked person stere...  more