Foayasha Cosplay's Album: 30 Days of Cosplay Challenge

A 30 Days of Cosplay Photo Challenge I stole from another cosplayer. Feel free to do it yourself! 30 days of Cosplay Photo Challenge: Post one photo a day to go with the challenge. Take a new photo or use an old one. 1. Your first cosplay. 2. Your most recent cosplay 3. A “myspace-style” photo of you in a cosplay 4. You and your bff in cosplay 5. Your favourite cosplay (that you have done) 6. A cosplay that you will never wear again 7. The character you have cosplayed that is most similar to you 8. The cosplay you’re working on right now 9. Your laziest cosplay 10. The cosplay you put the most effort into 11. Your favorite cosplay prop 12. Your cosplay work space 13. A cosplay you helped someone else with or got help on 14. Your biggest group cosplay 15. Your best cosplay derp photo 16. Your weirdest cosplay 17. The cosplay you won an award for (or think you deserve one for!) 18. A professional shot of one of your cosplays 19. Best “in-character” picture 20. Your sexiest cosplay ;) 21. A cosplay you have remade – before and after shots, or a cosplay you want to remake 22. Your best crossplay (if you have never crossplayed post a picture of who you would crossplay as if you were forced to!) 23. Your most recognizable and least recognizable characters 24. Your most comfortable cosplay and most uncomfortable cosplay 25. A picture of you at your favorite convention or event 26. Your most expensive cosplay 27. Show off all your wigs 28. A photo that captures your favorite moment in cosplay 29. A collage of all your cosplays 30. Your favorite cosplay photo of you

Photo 29 of 30 in 30 Days of Cosplay Challenge

Day 29: A collage of all your cosplays
Day 29: A collage of all your cosplays

So here is a quick (sloppy xD) look at all the cosplay I've done so far. =D

Only one day left, and I don't know which image i'll pick for the final day O_O!!